The paragraphs below are text from a New Year message from the Guild of Professional Bloggers in Nigeria (GPBN) to Nigerians. It reads:

“The Guild of Professional Bloggers in Nigeria (GPBN) wishes Nigerians, home and abroad, a pleasant and rewarding New Year.

“The outgone year (2017) has been quite eventful. Nigeria witnessed a handful of positive developments; but it has mostly been through several challenges and tough times, all of which Nigerians across all religious, ethnic and social divides have lived through and survived.

“As the umbrella body of several responsible, ethically-guided blogging professionals in Nigeria, we wish to salute the resilience and courage displayed by Nigerians in the face of these national upheavals; we commend the collective resolve by everyone to stand and fight together to fight corruption in all aspects of our lives and by so doing helping to build a stronger nation we can all be proud of.

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“We have fought the battle but the war is not yet won. As another year begins, we hope that Nigerians will unite even more to solve more of the problems facing the country, so that we can all build a country where everyone has a sense of belonging and where equality reigns supreme.

“As a group, GPBN members will continue to report issues dispassionately and objectively, informing the general public about developments relevant to their everyday existence. We will continue to be the standard bearers of professionalism in journalism and blogging, all in the service of the people and motherland.”