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The Yar’Adua Centre, Abuja

@TravelNextDoor has released its first set of packaged excursions for Nigeria’s SouthWest region. If you are interested in seeing the best of Nigeria’s travel assets, then you can book a seat on the buses to tour famous and not-so-famous attractions in Ibadan, Badagry, Epe, Abeokuta and Ososa, among other exciting locations.

In the typical @TravelNextDoor fashion, the excursions are hashtaged: #VisitIbadan, #VisitBadagry, #VisitEpe and #VisitOgunde. Others include: #VisitAbeokuta, #VisitOldLagos and #VisitOsogbo.

The excursions fall under four broad categories and they all come with picnics in scenic locations: historical, cultural and environmental.

“We have been taking Nigerians and international tourists on these packaged excursions since 2010, and we are constantly pleased by the knowledge and fun our clients experience on these trips,” says @TravelNextDoor’s Founder and award-winning travel writer, Pelu Awofeso. “The feedbacks we receive during the excursions help us to improve on some of our logistics, so that we can offer a better experience to our future clients.”

According to Awofeso, @TravelNextDoor receives a constant inflow of enquiries from tourists home and abroad who are keen to see some of the various tourist attractions in the country.

“Stakeholders know that Nigeria has some of the most fascinating attractions anywhere in the world,” says Awofeso, who has published four travel books based on his non-stop journeys across Nigeria. “I am super excited to see the level of interest people are showing to go sightseeing in Nigeria. And I am glad to say that we already have a busy year of travels ahead of us.”

@TravelNextDoor promotes travel, holidays and adventure trips within Nigeria and offers a wide range of tourism-based services, including airport pickup, private-taxi, hotel reservation and guidebook publishing.

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