Renee Mboya

In December 2013, a few days before I received final confirmation of my participation in the 2014 Invisible Borders Road Trip I sat down across a table from the woman who would a day later become my landlady. She asked me what I did, “I’m a writer” I said, responding definitely for the first time in a long time. She said that she was a Jehovah’s Witness. I almost passed out.

This moment, significant for what it exposed of me, will be the pivot from which I look at the world as we travel this year. I hope to explore the environments that manufacture prejudice – that have made my own prejudices – the separations that we create amongst ourselves, the real and artificial constructions of culture and the specific difficulty of navigating the world as a third culture kid.

I want to explore the contexts of language and location – the containers of history, politics and economics as they exist traditionally in textiles, music, artefact and food, for example, and examine their place in a multimedia modernity, and their revalorisation in contemporary culture through fashion, television and myth against the backdrop of post-colonialism and post-imperialism and newly contracted perspectives influence lines of perception at first instance.

I think movement, my own and those of others (the others), as the only truly trans-historical aspect, will give me unique insight into the ways of the world and I look forward to examining the exceptional ways in which my writing will learn to complete itself in motion.

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