Angus Mackinnon
Angus Mackinnon

“My motivation for the Road Trip is to find a way of presenting modern Africa to the rest of the world. The challenge in this is to first identify what I, myself, understand as ‘African’. The historical conditions of colonialism and the current stereotypes that dominate African identity allow a lot of space for this investigation.”

For the Road Trip I plan on grappling with my identity as a white African; how this is interpreted and what it means. The geographical juxtaposition from the beginning of the trip in Africa to the end in Europe allows for compelling engagement with the vestiges of colonialism and an opportunity to examine it from within.

“I expect the trip to be filled with incredibly interesting, eye-opening, informative, engaging, exhausting, long, short, energizing, rewarding, tolling, character-building, connection-creating, experience-making situations and a whole lot of photograph-taking. As a young artist I am aware that there is an enormous amount for me to learn in terms of my own practice; I expect to run into a range of challenges on the trip but also expect to learn invaluable lessons and skills while rising to them. It’s an opportunity of a lifetime and I can’t wait for June the 2nd.”

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