PELU AWOFESO (@PeluAwofeso)

winner in the Tourism category at the 2010 CNN/Multichoice African Journalist of the year Awards, has published his third travel book, titled TOUR OF DUTY: Journeys Around Nigeria and Sketches of Everyday Life.

At 184 pages and 25 chapters, the book is the first of two volumes planned for the ‘Beautiful Underbelly’ project, a nationwide tour launched by the travel writer in March 2009.

“Over a 10-month period (March 2009-January 2010), I travelled to 18 States in the south-west, south-south, south-east and north-central regions, collecting my impressions of the cities I visited and chatting with everyday Nigerians that I came across on my trips,” says Awofeso, who currently edits, an online travel publication. “The book is essentially a collection of travel articles I have written about my experiences. The tour was a learning experience and I was glad to have had the privilege to be exposed to the physical, cultural and historical uniqueness of Nigeria.”

In October 2009, Awofeso hosted an online exhibition of 49 photographs from the tour to commemorate Nigeria’s 49th anniversary of independence. “It was widely visited and the feedback was encouraging,” Awofeso recalls. “The world is gradually shifting to the web to access information and as journalists we must keep in step with that trend.”
At the moment TOUR OF DUTY is only available for purchase online as an e-book at this link:

“At a time when the world is used to being fed with lots of negative news about Nigeria, Nigeria needs to encourage the publication of more travel-based literatures. TOUR OF DUTY shows some of the fascinating stories that make Nigeria a worthy destination for tourists.”

In 2003, Awofeso self-published A PLACE CALLED PEACE, a guidebook to the city of Jos, Plateau State; and two years later (2005), he followed up with NIGERIAN FESTIVALS, a collection of stories on select festivals across Nigeria.