Local festivals have always been an attraction for international visitors to Nigeria. While some (like Durbars) are very well known abroad, quite a number of others (Puusdung, for example) are not. This book brings ‘under one ‘roof’ an interesting selection of these cultural fiestas, which take place year round and hundreds of kilometres apart.

PELU AWOFESO, winner 2010 CNN/Multichoice African Journalist Awards (Tourism), has published digital versions of his travels books on Nigeria to mark this year’s World Tourism Day celebrations (marked on September 27):

1. of Duty: Journeys around Nigeria and Sketches of Everyday Life.
2. Nigerian Festivals: The Famous and Not So Famous

“At a time when the world is used to being fed with lots of negative news about Nigeria, Nigeria needs to encourage the publication of more travel-based literatures,” Awofeso says. “TOUR OF DUTY and NIGERIAN FESTIVALS show some of the absorbing sights and stories that make Nigeria a go-to destination for both domestic and foreign tourists.”
Both books, previously published as hard copies, are now available exclusively as kindle versions on (

“This time around, I have opted for a 21st Century approach to book publishing, which is the e-book,” Awofeso says. “What this means simply is that there are no physical inconveniences of any kind–the books can be bought at the click of a mouse and from anywhere in the world.”

Author’s Bio: Pelu Awofeso, Publisher/Managing Editor at, is the 2010 winner of the CNN/Multichoice African Journalist of the Year Award in the travel writing (Tourism) category. His articles have appeared in Travel Intelligence and A24 Media (online); The Standard, Africa Today, Network Africa, NEXT, Journeys, The Guardian, National Daily, and WINGS (in-flight magazine). He can be reached at

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